The First of Many

It’s been a long time coming — my 1st blog post for this year.  The first of anything is always the hardest.  It sets up the tone, the bar, the standards where all others will follow.  Last Dec, I was thinking my first blog post would be about the coolest people I know or have read about.  James Franco was on top of my list, until he hosted the Oscars and I felt all my expectations of him fall to pieces.  Then I tried looking into goodwill or volunteer work activities, but who am I kidding?  This blog is for me.  I will write about things I enjoy, hate, love, or passionate about.  Or I could also write about something that’s so ordinarily plain or trivial… but so extraordinarily appealing nonetheless.

Which brings me to my first trivial pursuit:  my first Celine Luggage Tote in black leather.   I have been waiting and waiting for this handbag for months now.  I’ve seen very, very few New Yorkers carry it about town.  It looks simple and understandably elegant. It doesn’t scream I’m 10 thousand dollars like the Birkin, but it can hold its own on its own.  Imagine Pippa next to Kate Middleton at her wedding in that beautiful simple shape and shade of white, which for some, was better than the bride.

My designer friend, Anthony, was the one who recommended this to me when I was looking for a bag for work, school or whenever that wouldn’t go out of style.  We searched high and low but to no avail until last Wednesday when I heard buzzing that retailers have received their new shipment of the Spring 2012 collection.

Bergdorf carries the beige, black, and the much coveted two-tone color luggage tote.  I heard Barneys is also carrying it but only in black.   I prefer the black in all honesty.  Well, I prefer anything in black, but for this boxy type of design and for the price, I feel that this color is safe and will last you through all seasons.

The only thing I don’t like about this mini handbag is the strap. I usually like to put my purse over my shoulders.  But this one is just a tote and it could get somewhat heavy.  Otherwise, you can go for the over-the-shoulder style which may look too big for those with a petite frame.

BTW, I’m no bagaholic.  I very rarely spend on big ticket items.  But I believe every working girl deserves a prize for all their hard work and must feel ultra special as they wrap up the day, log off their desktops, and grab that shiny stylish purse that lights up her heart… and yes, at times, her soul.

So cheers to all you working ladies! 🙂  You deserve that Celine.



One response to “The First of Many

  • nestor Corpuz

    Is this your first blog this year? Really! I thought that I had been missing your blogs and now I know that there really was none I missed. The subject is ordinary, trivial so to speak,, about a much-coveted bag, but it was written in an extra-ordinary manner and I loved reading it. It lightened my soul from an otherwise heavy load.

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