One of My Favorite Things

Ask me what my favorite things are about Manhattan and I will tell you about my reverence to sample sales.  Now I only have 3o mins to write about this before I get back to real work, but I couldn’t resist sharing with you all one fabulous opportunity.   For the record, there is nothing compared to a New York City sample sale.  I’m pretty sure New Yorkers can attest to this.

Today, on my way to class, I happen to pass by a sign that read: Designer jackets on sale!  One thing to note or I must not fail to mention perhaps is that in New York, there are ALSO a lot of fake sample sales.  So I went about my business and tried to ignore the all too familiar sign that tries to lure me everyday.  But a few steps after I stopped (as expected) only to accept the fact that my will has abandoned me and that my curiosity will always get the best of me.

And thank goodness for that!

Downstairs of the Holy Cross church is a sea of jackets and winter coats from designers such as Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Miss Sixty, Jessica Simpson, Ivanka Trump, etc.  Any style for $89.99.  Some designs and material are worth more than others, so I suggest take your time to go around and pick what you really like.



I actually bought myself a MissSixty military jacket shown below.  I thought it looked like an unusual piece that would go well for work or during casual days.  What’s so nice to know about this sale event is that it doesn’t seem to have a lot of publicity so there’s absolutely no one else shopping with you.  Most of the time, sample sales are packed and the waiting line is absolutely ridiculous even for a discounted YSL muse.  BTW, a coworker of mine did go to last week’s Yves Saint Laurent sample sale at 8am on a weekday and was able to find herself a $50 pair of sexy slingbacks.  Sigh!

So anyway, if you have time and interested in a new jacket for this coming winter months, stop by the place.  It’s located on 37th street between Broadway and 7th Avenue.  Oh and sorry to all male readers, this sale is only for women.  However, you can always buy your special someone an early present for the holidays.  Or not.  I’m sure a warm hug everyday will do.



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