Roberta’s Pizza

New York, like Chicago, is a haven for pizza lovers.  If you’re lucky, you’ll find the very best hiding somewhere amidst the $1 slices sold at lunch.   If you’ve done your research, you’ll probably end up in places like Grimaldi’s, Lombardi’s, Patsy’s, Artichoke and Adrienne’s by Stone Street.   If you don’t trust the gen pop’s declaration of good, make sure you ask the Italians from Brooklyn.  They claim the best pizza are just around the corner made by their grandmother.  I would like to be invited to such homemade dinners with nonna!

My husband loves pizza.  We once made a trip to Naples, Italy just to try the pies where pizza was born.  The experience was so unforgettable as the dough that melts in your mouth.   Definitely one for the books as you will never quite allow pizza to taste anything less than the best.

Last weekend, my husband and I finally ventured to Bushwick to try this indie place called Roberta’s.   (I think the place reached high status back in 2011 or earlier, starting from food trucks in Mad Square).  From the outside, you’d be skeptical & hesitant to enter but I know better than to judge food from the exterior.  Once inside,  we were told the wait time for 2 would take up to 2 hours!  So we decided to try our luck at the bar.  True enough, a regular was just about finished from her meal and told us not to bother with the menu because the best pie is not on the list.


It’s called the bee sting.  Draped in maple syrup with sopressata, mozarella and tomato, this pie will just about blow your mind.  I would keep this a secret, but good food is meant to be shared.


While I like my pizza almost plain and simple, hubby also ordered the Maize Maze with prosciutto hash, corn, tomatillo and labne.  It was good, but you just can’t compare it to the sting of the bee pie!

For the ladies, don’t forget to order the vodka lime drink called Lady Killer.  It was surprisingly yummilicious and not at all pretentious! (Though it kinda looks it in this photo. Ha!).

Perfect summer drink for the ladies

Perfect summer drink for the ladies

Happy eating! 😉



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