The Beginning

I’d say I’m finally free from writer’s block, but, I am not a writer.  I do looove to be a storyteller.  So I will tell you my stories and my tales of the big city (and beyond) after all these years of detachment.

What have I been doing?

1) I readAt least 2 books a week. I’ve read more books in the past 2 years than the sum of all the years I’ve been reading before I stopped writing. 

2) I traveled far and near & as much as my pocketful of change will allow me.

3) I ate in every known establishment in New York City where talk of food is supreme.  I ate until I’ve gone 2 sizes up and it’s been a struggle to go back to skinny since.   If only my mother knows that the more she reminds me of my pudginess, the more willing I am to stuff my face with extra calories.  Sorry, mom.  So please stop.

And yet despite the additional pounds I’ve acquired, it’s always an adventure.  In a week, I will be celebrating another birthday.  To say time flies is so cliché but it does.  And you’re left wondering what changes can happen this time around.  What story can I weave for my life this year?

About 3 weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to spend my upcoming birthday with struggling kids.  On Facebook, I see that all my former students have grown, and somehow I miss the days when I would tie their shoelaces 3 dozen times, while asking for tissues to blow their noses.  So, I emailed 10 different organizations who would bring me back my fond memories of the little cherubs I had when I was young and calloused.  And luckily, I heard back from one of them.

Aug. 2 will be a special day for me, not because it’s my birthday, but because I will be doing what I thought I wouldn’t be able to do on my own.  I’ve partnered with Puppetry Arts, an organization that offers creative and cultural exploration to individuals through the multidisciplinary art of puppetry, to invite foster kids from all over NY to celebrate an afternoon with me, friends, and fellow volunteers.  We’ve planned the day with fun games and activities, and I’m hoping that the kids will have a marvelous time, and well, feel like it’s their birthday.

Crossing my fingers that this story will be a good story the little kids will remember.

The End. Beginning



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