About NSJ


About the Author

I live in the most awesome city in the world.  (Wall Street specifically, hence, the name for my blog).  I came to NY over a decade ago, and it has been one big love affair ever since.  I tried letting go a few times – finding other loves in the process: Paris, Florence, Capri…but, I’m still here.

New York has been kind to me.  It’s made me who I am.

My name is Noelle.  I’m from the Pearl of the Orient Seas, but Manhattan is my home.


How it All Started…

A few years ago when I was still a student, one of my graduate professors required us to blog weekly in class.  While I really enjoy blogging, I have always been very insecure of my writing.   Now I don’t believe I am terrible at it.  In fact, I could be quite good when I’m “in” it.  But I just know that I am not the best at it.  And if you’re not the best, why bother?

And yet so many things have come to pass since I ended my writing class, and all I thought was, “I wish I could have shared this piece of gold nugget to someone.”

Well I am now.  It might not be all golden and shiny, but I promise that it’ll be worth all the jazz!



Noelle Perez is an Advertising professional and an Adjunct Professor at New York University.  She specializes in digital media communications – online, video, social, and mobile.   Noelle is also a closet fashionista who enjoys everything vintage…black…and classic. Oh, and she loves food.  Really good food.




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